Hello and a very warm welcome friends of fine-art


This is the web site of Eva and here you can see the art I'm doing.

You just need to click on the purple words and then you'll see the paintings.

I'm working in plenty different techniques and with a lot of themes.

So enjoy watching my art and it would be really nice if you'd sign my guestbook (Gästebuch).

Unfortunately, the titles and everything else is written in German. If you have questions or suggestions don't be shy just send me an e-mail.


Here you can see the Silver art,
pictures made of silver leaf. This technique I created by myself and I patentated it.

Here you can see the silver art as bigger pictures. If you're able to read German, there is a biography of myself and also the technique is explained a little bit.
Silver art 


Nice and interesting the
Doublebass- and Music paintings.


Also the Copies of old and new Masters  

are incredible to look at



 Here you'll see: Landscapes and Buildings 


Don't be afraid of small animals they are really not alive, on this Reptile paintings.

But sometimes you might be not sure. It's the same with the

  Insect paintings.


Also with the  Portraits,
sometimes they wink at you.

Wonderful work here on Textile.

Take a look at the fantastic Flowers

and the great Tile paintings. 

Here are some Links .


All of this you can watch right now. In the future you will also see paintings on papyrus . Painted with water color or silver leaf.

And as well work to the following themes:

Underwater world

Wall paintings



I'm constantly working on this website.

All paintings with this point are possible to buy .

You can send me an e-mail by clicking on it.

But I'm glad about every e-mail you send me!!!








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